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A few words about
Christos and Dimitra

Dimitra’s Villas
A childhood dream. A dollhouse on the mountain. Sometime the dream came true.

My inspiration for all this is Dimitra. That’s the reason why we called it Dimitra’ s Vacation Home.
Then , after our children’s George’s and Anna’s –birth this house was filled with love and smiles. So
Dimitra and Christos decided to share this house with all of you.
It has all the comforts of a home. It is a decorated with a lot of love and passion. Its special feature is
its privacy and quiet. It is the definition of the expression ‘’ You hear the Silence ‘’. Breathtaking view
that rests the eyes. It is ideal for groups and families.


The villa was named after my great-grandmother, Kiriaki. The name ‘’ Managraia ‘’ comes from
‘’mana’’ which means mother and name ‘’ graia ‘’ which is used to describe an old woman in a local
dialect. My great grandparents who adopted my father used to live there in 1945. My father George
and I decided in 2021 to fully renovate it so as to make it a favourite destination for lovers of
tradition and local history.
In this house you can find many items that were used in the past. It is like a living museum . People,
objects , images of the past make “ managraia ’’ a unique destination which offers a sense of
warmth and relaxion.

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