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Olympus the sacred mountain of the 12 gods and a landmark of Greek mythology. It is one of our most beloved destinations. It has not only been a National Park since 1938 but also a world cultural monument. It attracts  thousands of climbers and bikers every year. With an altitude of 2918 meters it is always a challenge and requires attention and good physical condition. The team of trekking Hellas organizes ascent to the throne of Zeus and the top of Mytikas. We choose the appropriate routes carefully taking into account the safety of bikers For those who wish to experience the magic of Olympus from another angle there is the possibility of driving there from the northwest with four wheel jeep.

We plan a variety of excursions at the beautiful green paths following the terrified European path E4. We go river trekking and canoeing in the gorge of Orlia. We explore the gorge of Enipeas and enjoy the green slopes of this unique mountain.


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